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Tax Preparation

You COULD do your own taxes, but SHOULD you? As professional preparers we can eliminate errors subsequently reducing the chance of an audit. We can maximize your deductions, and ensure you receive all of the credits due to you, while simultaneously reducing your tax liability. If you’re not A.M.P.T. about that, you should be!

Mobile Notary Public Services

Need a notary in a hurry? We are A.M.P.T. to assist you!! You can schedule an appointment, and share your documents via our secure portal while you wait for a confirmation! Want an estimate? Make a request by including a message with your upload! You can also call us at 302-336-8793 for immediate assistance, or send us a message via the Facebook icon in the corner! Thank you for considering A.M.P.T. for an opportunity to assist you!!

Certified Acceptance Agents


To A.M.P.T. Assistants, LLC
At A.M.P.T. Assistants, we believe in the pursuit of excellence in everything we do (HUA).  With every certification, licensure, and  continuing education course, we increase our knowledge which we graciously share to benefit you and your loved ones.

As a veteran-owned and operated business, we know what it’s like to serve. We know what it’s like to depend on strangers to do what seems to be impossible. We also know what it’s like when strangers become friends.

A.M.P.T. was born out of the need to serve the underserved and often overlooked to include those with low socioeconomic statuses, veterans, and incarcerated persons. We believe in community, and we want to do everything we can to make a contribution to the very communities we live in.


New Kid on the Block

Although A.M.P.T. isn’t as seasoned as our competitors, we have an unlimited amount of fervor to get you what you’ve earned and deserve.

We don’t know whether our competitors will spend hours on the phone with the IRS trying to determine why you didn’t receive your full stimulus payment. We have. We don’t know whether our competitors will work with those who don’t have the access or opportunity to spend hours on the phone with the IRS to verify their identity. We have. When we say that we will go the extra mile, we mean it because we’ve done it. What are you waiting for, huh? What are you waiting for? Just kidding, but seriously-Get A.M.P.T.!!

Hi, my name is Isaiah, and I am incarcerated at James T. Vaughn Correctional Facility in Smyrna, DE. I was referred to A.M.P.T. Assistants by a fellow inmate for tax preparation services. Once the tax service went well, I decided to purchase a book as well. The service that A.M.P.T. provides are very necessary for [someone] that is in my situation. Their delivery service was also very prompt, and I [will] definitely use them in future. I am looking forward to using them for a [photo] book for my son. If you need prompt and good service, go to A.M.P.T.
Isaiah J. Walker
Hello, my name is Guilaine. I have been one of a few clients of A.M.P.T. for the past six years, well before they officially decided to become a business. I have always used their services to file my taxes because as soon as I give them the information they need, they waste no time getting my paperwork filed so that I can receive my refund as soon as possible.
Any questions I have are answered quickly, and clearly.


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